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Restaurant Consulting

KagLew is a strategically based Los Angeles consulting firm rendering its services to the hospitality industry catering specifically to restaurant/bar/lounge clients and venues.  We recognize that each restaurateur/investor may have different goals due to various circumstances and we work step-by-step with clients to develop dynamic concepts and carry them from conception to completion, delivering bottom line results.  We also expedite your CUP and ABC matters. 

Effective Solutions 

  • General corporate structuring and tax matters 

  • Operational and management issues 

  • Lease, master lease and sale/leaseback transactions 

  • Construction and development of restaurants 

  • Labor and employment matters 

  • Trademark and intellectual property matters 

  • Franchising and brand issues 

  • Restructuring troubled operations for creditors, restaurant operators, owners, lenders and franchisors 

  • CUP and ABC issues

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